Artist Statement

The body of work I am currently making explores the concept of escapist storytelling. I create this work through the creation of mixed media sculptures of overgrown landscapes and alien creatures. The contrast of life and death is also rooted in this body of work. The pieces mimic organic growth seen in nature with repeated elements and cascading forms. Crowded compositions and saturated colors also allude to an otherworldly origin. 

I began creating this body of work during quarantine as an escape from reality and the ever changing world. Drawing inspiration from the natural world I sculpt the flora and fauna forms. The forms are inspired by the natural world, but abstracted and overexaderd to fit into my imagined world.

The surface and texture are important to creating the otherworldly landscapes. Washes of bright colors are applied and layered to build the surface. Glass beads, sand, wire, and fiber are used to further add to the abundant landscape. The scale of these pieces began small but I am currently exploring creating them on a larger scale.